The past couple of months haven’t been kind to the GOLiverse. Unfortunately, a snafu with our hosting provider caused us to lose over ten years worth of content. (If I’m being honest it’s all my fault for not backing things up appropriately). As we entered into 2018 the GOLiverse began clawing its way back into existence. We still have a long way to go in cleaning up the podcast side of things as we try to find old episodes and get them back in place in our archives and we try to get some semblance of a blog happening here at the blog site.

The biggest hit taken in this whole debacle was the annual GOLiverse marathon for CURE. Going in we didn’t have the ability to fully promote and prepare as we have in the past so we are one day away from the end of the donation window and still about $1500 away from our goal.

If you were planning on giving this year and still haven’t done so, please consider going now to the First Giving page at to help us meet this year’s goal of $5000. Also, look for new content coming today and tomorrow from GOL as we still have a Pass the Corn episode and the big marathon finale show to be posted.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to work to get everything back up and running at full speed. Our biggest need right now is help with the Big Honkin Show archives. We have most of all the old episodes, just no descriptions of them available. If you want to help and have time to listen to old episodes you may still have if you could drop an email to with the date of the BHS episode and the stories covered or told on the show that would be fantastic in helping getting things up and running again on that side of the GOLiverse.

Mostly though please help us out by donating to Cure by January 31st to help meet this year’s goal. Thank you so much for your support of CURE and continuing to be the greatest podcast listening audience in the Universe!